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At Fayette County National Bank, the security of customer information is our highest priority. View our privacy policies for information on how we protect your account information.

Terms of Use

Unauthorized use of Fayette County National Bank’s website and systems including but not limited to unauthorized entry into our Internet banking system, internal network, misuse of passwords, or misuse of any information posted on our website is strictly prohibited.

Electronic Funds Transfers

The Electronic Funds Transfer Act protects consumers engaging in electronic funds transfers. The regulation establishes the rights, liabilities, & responsibilities of consumers who use electronic funds transfer services.

Correction of Errors

The Bank may rely upon the information you provide on your deposit slip when initially processing your deposit. Therefore, you have a duty to accurately record cash, each item being deposited, and the total amount of your deposit on your deposit slip. We may provide a receipt, but the amount of your deposit receipt may be based initially on the deposit slip you complete.

All deposits are subject to verification by the bank. Final credit to your account is based on the total sum of the cash and checks actually received by the Bank. If an error in your deposit is later detected, it will be corrected. You will be sent a notice of any adjustment we make to your deposit on the business day of your deposit. The amount of your deposit (including any adjustment) will appear on your account statement.

We may also adjust your account based on notification of error received from other financial institutions for checks in your deposit up to one year from the date of the deposit.

You are required to review your bank statement and report any errors within thirty (30) days from the statement date. Your statement will be deemed final and correct on the thirtieth (30th) day from the date of the statement unless the transaction is an electronic funds transfer error which would be covered under our Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure.


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