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Certificates of Deposit

Whether you are saving for a college education for your kids, down payment on a new home or just for a rainy day, Fayette County National Bank has longer-term savings options that will be right for you - safe and secure investments that are FDIC insured.

Enjoy the security of a guaranteed return with a Fayette County National Bank Certificate of Deposit. CDs usually pay a higher rate of interest than money market or savings accounts. 

When opening a Certificate of Deposit, you have a choice of terms at competitive rates. All of our CDs are automatically renewable with a 10 day grace period.

Our CDs have a minimum deposit of $1,000.00 to open an account.

CD Terms Available:

  • 91 day
  • 182 day
  • 12 Month
  • 18 Month
  • 24 Month
  • 30 Month
  • 36 Month
  • 48 Month

Please contact a New Accounts representative at your branch for current interest rates.

*Early withdrawal may result in a penalty.

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