Historical Highlights



                                 May 5, 1900 - The "Fayetteville National Bank" was organized

                         August 6, 1900- The Bank opened its doors for business


                                Officers and Directors of the bank in 1900

                                           Morris Harvey, President

                                           J. Tyler Grose, Vice President

                                           Joseph S. Hill, Cashier

                                           T. L. Walker

                                           H. A. Robeson

                                           Charles W. Dillon


                                                      1906 - The Bank built its current three-story stone structure

                                                      The bank was renamed "The Fayette County National Bank of Fayetteville"

                                                      June 19, 1907 - The Bank added a Savings Department to its services

                                                      1973 - Main Bank walk-in/drive-thru facility was constructed

                                                      October 1982 - The Fayetteville Express Bank was opened for business

                                                      February 1985 - A full service branch office was opened in Oak Hill

                                                      July 1994 - A full service branch was opened in Ansted

                                                      August 6, 2000 - The bank celebrated its 100th year in business

                                                      December 2005 - Secondary Mortgage Group office open for business

                                                      January 2006 - Internet Banking with bill payment service was added


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