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Interest On Lawyer Trust Accounts (IOLTA)

Additional Terms - The following additional terms apply to this account:  PAYMENT ORDER OF ITEMS -
The law permits us to pay items (such as checks or drafts) drawn on your account in any order. To assist
you in handling your account with us, we are providing you with the following information regarding how we
process items that you write.  When processing items drawn on your account, our policy is to pay them
according to the dollar amount.  We pay the smallest items first and internal checks before third party checks.
The order in which items are paid is important if there is not enough money in your account to pay all of the
items that are presented.  Our payment policy minimizes the number of items that may result in an overdraft
or NSF fee.  If an item is presented without sufficient funds in your account to pay it, we may, at our discretion,
pay the item (creating an overdraft) or return the item (NSF).  The amounts of the overdraft and NSF fees are
disclosed on the Fee Schedule page.  We encourage you to keep accurate records and practice good account
management.  This will help you to avoid writing checks or drafts without sufficient funds and incurring the resulting

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