Safe Deposit Fees



             Box Size                                                                        Annual Rental Fees

4 1/2 x 3 1/2                                                                           $25.00

7 1/2 x 2 1/2                                                                           $25.00

3 x 5                                                                                        $25.00

4 1/2 x 5                                                                                 $35.00

5 x 5                                                                                        $35.00

3 x 10                                                                                      $40.00

5 x 10                                                                                      $55.00

Lost Key Replacement                                                         $15.00

Safe Deposit Box Drilling                                                  $150.00


Safe Deposit Boxes are available for rent at our Fayetteville Main Bank, Oak Hill, and Ansted locations.

(Cost does not include applicable sales tax.)

Safe Deposit contents are not FDIC insured. 

We have no knowledge of the contents or value of the items in safe deposit boxes.



Touch Tone Teller

       24 hour telephone banking      

(888) 774-3262  

FCNB’s free telephone banking service makes it fast, easy and convenient to access your accounts and get the information you need by calling our toll free number. 



Visa Check Card





ATM Locations



Oak Hill Office

1554 East Main Street

 Oak Hill, WV 25901


Located at our branch beside McDonald’s in Oak Hill


Express Facility

314 N. Court Street

Fayetteville, WV 25840


Located at our branch between Diogi's and Little General in Fayetteville


Notary Service

                We offer free notary service to our customers.  This service is available at the Main Office in Fayetteville, and our Oak Hill and Ansted Offices.


Visa/MasterCard Merchant Services

Our merchant service program offers very competitive discount rates and low monthly charges, plus acceptance of all major credit cards.  Please call our Main Office at (304) 574-1212 for further information.

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